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Important Links!

Important Tax and Employment Sites:

Internal Revenue Service - IRS Main Site

2012 IRS Form W-4 - PDF Offical 2012 W-4 Form with Instructions
2012 Form I-9 - PDF Offical 2012 I-9 Form with Instructions
2012 M-274 - PDF Offical 2012 M-274 Handbook for Employers

Oregon Department of Revenue - Oregon Dept of Revenue Main Site

Hiring and working with a tax professional - PDF from the Oregon Dept of Revenue
Offical Oregon Power of Attorney Form - PDF Offical Oregon Power of Attorney Form

Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners - Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners Main Site

Oregon Secetary of State - Oregon Secetary of State Main Site

Oregon Bluebook - Offical Oregon Bluebook
Filling In Oregon - Offical Oregon Secetary of State Business Division Main Site

Professional Organications:

OATC - Oregon Assocation of Tax Consultants

OSTC - Oregon Society of Tax Consultants

Human Resources and Employment Sites:

US Dept. of Labor Stastics - Employment Information & Trends


Oregon College Funding - Directions and Forms

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Updated: August 25, 2012